Welcome to Wydown Forest!

Officers & Members

Thank you for your interest in the Wydown Forest Improvement Association!  
We hope you will join us in making our neighborhood the best it can be.

President: Lori Elliott
Vice President: 
Treasurer:  Missy McCormick
Secretary: Lynne Roney
Social:  Maureen Satorius
Board Members:  Shelia Gephart, Mary DeBenedetti

Block Captains - Publicize events on block, collect updated buzz book information, gardens, welcome new neighbors.
 400 Carswold:   Maureen Satorius
 7000 Carswold: Mary DeBenedetti & Bill Chamberlin
 Oakley:  Jen Falk
 Shirley: Julie Berkowitz
 Edgewood: Lori Elliott
 Walinca: Deb Puricelli
 Hanley/Wydown: Betsy Wack

Social Committee - help plan and organize each neighborhood block partys
  Sandra Ford, Janette Rusch

Communications Committee - generate buzz book, maintain website,facebook, advertise block parties
  Buzz Books: Sheila GephardtCarla Ratican, Karen Zeff
  Website: Missy McCormick & Tommy Karandjeff

Trustees - consider indenture revisions/coordinate amendments, a liaison to the City of Clayton 
Salim Rangwala, Mary DeBenedetti, Joe Satorius