Preserving the quality of Clayton’s neighborhoods:

One of Clayton’s greatest resources is our high quality residential neighborhoods with fine homes and desirable lifestyle. Therefore, maintaining and enhancing our neighborhoods is one of our most important community goals. To assure that Clayton continues as an outstanding place to live, the City has adopted the 2006 International Property Maintenance Code. This brochure contains a list of required maintenance items intended to alert property owners and assist in preserving and enhancing the quality of our neighborhoods and property values. 

City of Clayton:

Construction & Permits:
  • Must have all exterior elements maintained in good condition including doors, windows, soffits, porches, trim, balconies, decks, stairs, and fences, and shall be kept weather resistant and structurally sound, and free of flaking paint, holes/breaks, or unsecured components. 
  • Foundation walls and exterior masonry must be kept free of cracks, holes, or stains, and shall be tuck-pointed if needed. 
  • All structural members must be kept sound. 
  • General repairs shall be made in a workmanlike manner using identical or, if not available, similar material as the original installation. 

Repairs rotted wood, broken or missing boards, siding, or shingles and make all exterior parts weather tight, and rodent proof. Exteriors must be resistant to weather and be covered with a protective coating such as paint, stucco, or brick that is in good repair. 

  • Exterior walls 
  • Roof parts including rafters, soffit and fascia 
  • Roof coverings 
  • Railings on stairs, elevated landings, and porches 
  • Accessory structures and garages 
  • Fences (should be in good repair)
  • Walls, ceilings, floors 
  • Porches, garages and sheds 
  • Windows, screens, skylights and doors 
Insure that: 
  • Address numbers are permanently attached to the house, clearly visible from the street and alley and at least 4” in height 
  • Garbage is properly disposed of in leak proof containers with close-fitting covers. To schedule a bulk pick-up, please contact Republic/Allied Waste at 636-947-5959. To obtain a new or replacement recycle container, please visit the Department of Public Works, Clayton City Hall, 10 N Bemiston Ave, Clayton MO 63105 
  • There are no areas where stagnant water collects and breeds mosquitos 
  • Mow the lawn so that grass is 6” or less in height 
  • Edge or remove growth from sidewalks, curb lines, gutters and properly trim hedges and trees 
  • Provide ground cover, such as grass, for all areas where soil is exposed 
  • Trim vegetation at traffic and sidewalk intersections to allow motorists and pedestrians safe visibility 
  • Remove dead tree limbs or shrubs 
  • Gutters, downspouts, approved retention areas and inlets are maintained in good repair and free from obstructions. Storm water piping may not discharge onto public sidewalks, streets or neighboring property. Swimming pool drainage must be directed to the street or MSD storm inlets 
  • Sidewalks and driveways are kept free from significant cracks or broken uneven slabs creating a possible tripping hazard. The front sidewalk is a public walkway, however, the homeowner is expected to keep the walkway clear of hazards such as snow, ice, mud or leaves year round 
  • Swimming pools, hot tubs and spas must have a 48 inch high fence or barrier sufficient to prevent the entry of children 

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